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Now proudly taking: AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER credit cards. Studio de Carlos ~ Los Angeles Studio : 3468 North knoll Drive, Hollywood, CA 90068 ~ Santa Barbara ~ LA : 323.377.6494 ~ Follow me on: Twitter, Instagram ~ Join me on Facebook and Linkedin. Email me at  : EDITORIAL STORY PHOTO-SHOT & FAMILY PORTRAITS STARTING AT $250 per hour. ALBUM COVERS, LIVE MUSIC PERFORMANCES STARTING AT $250 per hour. HEAD-SHOTS STARTING AT $500 PER SESSION. Whats is included? Two hours of studio photo-shot  to acomplish 5 looks/characters to complete your acting portfolio. Stylist to dress you up with the proper garments to fit every look/character. Professional Make up and Hair. 5 winner pics to be use will be edit, crop and properly retouch. A DVD with all original images for you to keep. Social Network support. Your 5 pics will be expose to thousands of targets (Talent agencies, casting directors and other actors) via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Digital album! Your 5 pics will be available on a digital album via dropbox so you can access those anytime from anywhere in the world. Photographing someone for a headshot is an art. The picture must resonate. The ultimate goal is to capture the subject with an indelible photo by portraying them in the best light and looking their very best. You must strive for a fresh, clean, straight-forward picture that shows exactly who you are -- no more and no less. This is what I do. I am an artist. In my hands, a camera is my brush and canvas. I want you to be my next subject. I want you to get the job. I want you to land the role. When you win, I win. When you succeed, I succeed. WEDDINGS STARTING AT $1,000  "TWO PHOTOGRAPHERS" "8 HOURS". Whats included? Behind the scenes with Bride and Groom getting ready at their homes. On Location portrait photo-shot before the wedding ceremony. Ceremony and family portrait session on the venue (church, temple, beach, vineyard, etc) Reception-Celebration at the party ( First dance, cutting the cake, good times, etc ) Carlos & Sarah Studio Weddings and Engagements: We are two passionate photographers creatively documenting life's finest moments. Our wedding photography style is an unobtrusive blend of photojournalism and romantic portraiture, timeless, creative, fun and relaxed. We always approach each photo shoot as an art project. We believe great photography should be affordable for everyone!    WHAT ARE THEY SAYING ABOUT ME! I'd like to fully communicate Carlos Sanchez's talent not only as a photographer (his profession and passion) but a writer as well (something he has recently shown a real knack for). As a photographer, Carlos has been invaluable to The Tolucan Times. He's always available despite his hectic schedule shooting for various other magazines and Clients. His zest for getting the right shot and going above and beyond has been unrivaled during my year-plus duration as a Copy Editor here. While other photographers' aim to do the job assigned to them, Carlos works with our advertising clients to get each photo shoot right. He's creative in making each picture look fresh and unique, and has a seemingly preternatural gift for lighthing. Recently, besides doing first-rate photography , Carlos has expanded our reach at The Tolucan Times with his music column "True Music" Showcasing  his writing and photography, he features some of the music that makes him tick. This has opened our paper up to a younger generation that had not been featured as prominently.   And our readers have loved it!  Carlos was without a doubt the  MVP of The Tolucan Times. His talent and passion shine through in everything he does. "You'd be lucky to have him work for you in any capacity". - Gregory Smith   Carlos, Not only you are an awesome photographer, you are also an exceptional human being. Having a photo session with you is always a pleasure. Rest assured you will be highly recommended to friends and family. - Dr. Cory Raboza and Healthy Smiles Dental Office Staff.   "Carlos’ work as a photographer succeeds on many levels. He’s enjoyable to work with, he puts his subjects at ease and he gradually draws out their true personality. Then he captures it with his camera. End result: photos that are undeniable." - Michael Kramer   "Pictures that sing long after the music has ended." - Katherine Poole   "Carlos Thanks for making me look good, you are the greatest"!. - Jay Nash   "I booked a shoot at Studio de Carlos in light of a friend’s recommendation and was not disappointed at all. It’s a great studio located in a serene area of the Hollywood Hills and Carlos was an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s funny and passionate about his craft. Most of all, I adore my pictures. The only problem is . . . there are TOO many to choose from!" - Marie Seitz   "Photography that approaches art." - Susan Hildebrand   "Carlos Roberto Sanchez is a rising star that loves working with rising stars. Whether they are actors or musicians or comedians, he photographs all in the best possible light (pun intended). He’s a master of creating a setting that compliments his subjects, and he has an innate ability to make you forget there’s a camera being pointed at them." - Richard Moretti   "Carlos made me look like a star. I seriously want to look like I do in my pictures all the time. Not sure how to make that happen, but I aspire... " - Marisela Puicon   "My headshots by Carlos always receive compliments -- more often than photos I’ve taken with much more expensive and pretentious photographers.. Carlos is affordable and down-to-earth. He can take my picture every day." - James Alexander   "Carlos you are the best ever. YOU ROCK" - Nina Bergman  
"Carlos Thank you for the CD of beautiful insane photos, we loved them all! I got so mannnnyyyyy complements from everyone! You're the hero". - Kristina and Matt Murphy
  "Carlos - You got the real Goldeneye baby Who loves ya? - Stuart Paap   CARLOS - THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP AND FOR ALL YOUR MAGICALLY DELICIOUS  PHOTOS - Phil Brody ( Author of The Holden Age of Hollywood )   Carlos, Just saw our photos from the us open. Wow man they are awesome! Great work brother you killed it!!! - Christian Zucconi of GROUPLOVE" alt="logo" align="absmiddle" width="85" height="55" /> © Copyright Studio de Carlos 2018. All rights reserved. • Admin • home | portfolio | studio | bio | contact | calendar Hip Web Design