What's your name and have you ever had a nickname? My name is Carlos Roberto Sanchez Rosas. Yes I do, I have a nickname is Sano. When were you born? In a city of eternal spring, Trujillo-La Libertad PERU. What are your happiest childhood memories? The lavish parties of my father Dante and his delicious food. The love and devotion of my mother Martha. Playing with the tools and paints at my grandfather hardware store. "EL YUNKE" What are those 3 words that describe your personality? Creative, Eager and Kind. What are the activities that you really enjoy? Music performances, photography, painting, going to the movies, walking with my dog Fritz. What are you most proud of? Proud to be alive and enjoying life!  What else? ~ Let me think,well , A Diploma of Honor at my Graphic Design Graduation because I was top of the class. Number 1. Opened an advertising agency at age 22.  ~ Recognized to be the youngest business director in my hometown Trujillo, Peru. Qualified to travel to the USA.  ~ Built my little photo studio school in Hollywood. Access to meet and photograph my favorite musicians. Who is the most important person in your life and why? God because God preserve me and guard me from destruction and loss. Where did you go to school? PERPETUO SOCORRO Private School ~ Elementary School and High School. NUEVA ACROPOLIS Organizacion Cultural Internacional, Trujillo - PERU, Instituto Superior de Diseno y Publicidad HENRI MATISSE, Trujillo - PERU In the US I went to FULLERTON COLLEGE. - Fullerton California. I am in school right now, always learning, everyday in every way. Who are your heroes? God, my father Dante  'el diablo', my Mother Martha, my brother Dante 'Leon', Moises, Charles Robert Darwin, Juan Pablo II, Dalai Lama, Oskar Schindler, Stanley Kubrick, Danny Clinch, Mark Seliger, Mario Testino, Annie Leibovitz.... How did you get involve in the music industry ? My camera and my love for music led me there and opened the door for me, granting me access to meet and photograph my favorite recording artists, this led to my career as a music promoter — a career within which I am flourishing. My passion for music and my respect for musicians motivates me on a daily basis as I endorse and advertise select artists. My mission statement as a music promoter is to act as a middleman between the artist and the fans. I aim to bridge this gap with compelling photographs that provides ardent supporters with a on stage glimpse of their favorite musicians at work. “We are Powered by the Passions of FANS, I find that creativity awe-inspiring.  For me, what musicians do is both breathtaking and kick-ass.  And the creativity, confidence, passion and drive that successful musicians exude motivates me.   " An artist is always in a state of becoming ". ~ Bob Dylan" alt="logo" align="absmiddle" width="85" height="55" /> © Copyright Studio de Carlos 2018. All rights reserved. • Admin • home | portfolio | studio | bio | contact | calendar Hip Web Design